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Stumptown Coons - Irakly Softemper MCO n22 ,HCM n/n & PKDef n/n

Irakly Softemper came to us from Ukraine at 6 months old. He was born February 15 2017. His name means Hercules, I was informed his father weighs about 30lbs! Irakly is a big boned and sturdy boy with black/brown tabby coloring, and a beautiful ruff around his neck. He is a silly goof ball who loves to chase balls, bumble bees, and any toy you throw for him. He is very affectionate and loving, he sometimes purrs with his mouth open causing (alot of breath hehe) and beautiful sounds. He loves food, his cheeks scratched and to sleep in our beds. Irakly loves and seeks everyone's attention.

Genetic Testing

Irakly was genetically tested at the UC Davis lab for PKD & HCM and both results came back N/N (no copies of deficiency, cat is normal)

HCM Testing

HCM is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a heart disease that can be found in some Maine Coon cats. Irakly has recently had a Feline Echocardiogram. This exam found no abnomalities, his heart is normal.